I’ve been staying with Garmin just for the typical load metrics you have there. 2. I can hit the crown+side buttons for lap splits about 19 out of 20 times when doing intervals on the track without gloves. Use the “other” workout and after the training name the training and you will find the complete list. Ironman has a strict policy prohibiting use of any 2 way communication devices, such as cell phones. The WTC rules allow you to carry a device, you just can’t use it in a distracting manner. Yellow line is the path that I ran. If you’re interested in running power, it’s worth a look! Ohh well, I’ll have a beer or two after the ride so I don’t focus on that (at least for a short period of time…). Otherwise, I would have been at least 1 person that would have made the statement in the Summary section not true. I start the workout and wait until it acquires heart rate before I start moving. Yeah, I’m just quoting from the 2018 Official WTC regulations guide. In other words highly accurate but fairly imprecise. There are apps that do provide these features, like the impressive iSmoothRun, but the experience is still not as slick as using a Garmin Forerunner, for example. I just need to get the Apple Watch data to Garmin. In dogged fashion the company just keeps chipping away at its smartwatch, and each time it gets better In most ways, the Apple Watch hasn’t changed much over the years in terms of the base interface and how you interact with it. It makes it harder for heart rate to acquire, and harder for GPS to acquire. Using a communication I really don’t understand why they don’t use iCloud to save the data so you can see it across other devices. Definitely seems to be a difference in how VO2 calculated on AW4 (at least compared to AW2) – I was consistently at 44-46 – now consistently getting 52-53. In fact, it’s via this app that I’m able to do all of the analysis you see in this post in terms of plotting the Apple Watch data against other watches. For a variety of reasons I’ve been wearing my AW3 continuously during the day, including rides. If you want to use the Workout app, then iSmoothRun isn’t an option. It just goes to show what I don’t understand about ‘radios’: WiFi, cell, GPS, etc. As some who mountain bikes alone think this is a great addition that I hopefully will never need to use. While I’ll happily ignore Fitbit and Garmin reminders to move, I always feel I’ve got to fill Apple’s rings. In this case I had my phone with me – which means it leverages the phone’s GPS (even if you don’t want it to). After you had the Vantage V for a while do you agree or do you think either Polar or Firstbeat/Garmin is better than the other in terms of accuracy of recovers advice? Thanks. Down in Mexico I was drenched with buckets of sweat, but no issues there with using it. Here’s a quick look at a handful of apps that I’ve used that are useful from a sports/fitness standpoint: WorkOutDoors: This is mapping/navigation focused and allows you to download a map segment to your Apple Watch for navigation. Note the language of the ‘ECG App’, again, conforming the entire purpose of the SaaS program where you certify a certify a very specific app – rather than the entire device. Note that the Apple Watch can connect to 3rd party Bluetooth Smart heart rate straps, in the event you don’t trust the optical HR sensor. Thank you for the great review! Cool stuff. I can tap on one or multiple workouts and manually share them to the services. With the default app you don’t really get a ton of stats. About GPS smoothing: at bicycle-descent speeds (~60kph) down curvy-mountain roads, I’ve seen the smoothing result in errors of 100+ meters. Note that I would suggest folks read this thread to understand a bit behind what Apple is doing from a doctor’s perspective. But when I had the chance for my first XC ski a few days ago (we got about 8 inches in an early storm) I left it at home. Great review! You can enable or disable individual apps as you see fit from the above app on your phone. Still, the fact that Apple pays this much attention to even the least expensive of units is worthy of noting. Sorry if I missed that somehow in the Review or comments section: If I use the AW4 together with the Wahoo TICKRX, But some people prefer the always-on aspect of other brands. Don’t want anything on my wrist. Post run, I see similar data differences in both GPS track and HR profile as DCR displayed between AW and Garmin. Updated! Mind you, this isn’t new to the Apple Watch Series 4. This year? It’s like they both drew the same picture but one called it something significant different than the other. Seemed redundant. I can’t comment on your 1st question, but in my experience, using the phone’s GPS instead of the watch’s has resulted in great watch battery life using the standard workout app. I have the AW2. I didn’t expect the two to be identical, but this seems like a SIGNIFICANT difference. Technically you can do screen presses/swipes with certain gloves, but it doesn’t always work. The green Exercise ring fills when you complete 30 minutes of activity each day. Earlier in the review I showed a few other snippets of this same action as well. I have built an extensive list of my most frequently asked questions. However, everyone gets access to the new fall detection feature, which uses the accelerometer and gyroscope in the watch to detect if you’ve taken a tumble. DC Rainmaker 2019 swim, bike, run, and general gear list. Im kinda disappointed you didn’t discussed the music aspect. Just need a reasonably sized cellular data relay tool. Got it? If I upload the data from the AW to Strava, the distance is reduced down to 12,65km which favors from the Suunto data. You can take a look at my testing data if you wish. Read Apple Watch Series 4 review (Image credit: Apple) 6. I’ve used this on track workouts where I took lap splits without fail even after very hard intervals. So I’m a firm believer that the always-off screen of the Apple Watch needs to be called out for what it is: a majorly annoying and significant downside. And as a final clarification, I’m talking about the standard Apple Workout app. This makes it hard to draw conclusions by doing just one trial per course or even just one trial on 30 different courses. data is saved on the watch and you will need your phone after the ride to upload it (healthkit, healthfit etc.) What we would like to see in next editions. Been using Suunto Spartan Ultra since it was released, but wanted to try something else, especially for swimming. Additionally, you won’t find features like fancy interval training in the Apple Watch either. Using a sport loop, I have had great consistency with the HR sensor as compared to rhytm+ sensor. It will upload to Garmin Connect, Suunto Movescount and Sports Tracker, Polar Flow, etc. The arrival of watchOS 5 brought some notable improvements for runners, including cadence (stride rate) and rolling pace stats. RunGap is app a bit like HealthFit. But the Apple watch is in general a better smartwatch, I read this morning with the release of WatchOs6: The Watch will now analyse nine key health and fitness metrics including walking pace, flights of stairs climbed, VO2 Max and cardio fitness level. Later I had a series 3 and now 4 and both are very legible in bright light and the wrist detection is instant and 99.99999999999999% accurate for me. Can you tell me if you can see your current pace (km/h) when doing an outside run? In other words if I do 10 trials, the average distance is very close to actual, but each trial can be +/- 5% or more! Charging it every night next to my phone wasn’t really a problem, but a longer battery life would be more convenient especially when travelling, and it would make sleep tracking possible. Plus, the yet to be implemented ECG feature. If the watch gets my distance (and pace) right, I don’t really care if it shows me on the wrong side of the street. I mean I get it, everyone has a choice and if false positives where happening daily or even weekly I get why you would want it off just for the annoyance factor. Sorry if it was asked, but I searched GEAR and did not find anything – does the watch/native app support tracking miles on your shoes? (or an Apple Watch 4 obviously) But the non-exercise features of Apple Watch (like phone calls) are appealing to have when I’m out on a long run. The Coros estimated my VO2 Max as 39. Just installing it now. Why not give advanced users more options and just keep things simple for those who don’t care about anything but distance and heart rate? How do you feel about a touch screen? Maybe they’re of interest! you might want to give the Plan2PEAK app a try, as you get audio feedback (every 2′ for base endurance and every few seconds for intervals depending on intensity) and so might be happy to leave your AW on the skin. or you mean perhaps collect data without following a planned workout? (I’m unfamiliar with iSmoothRun. Unless you’ve got a first-generation Watch, you can wear it in the shower, while swimming … See, I was on the inside lane most of the loop around, except on the southern (bottom) side of the track where I went wide to give room to a few guys doing 100m sprints on the inside lane there. Note as I approach the traffic circle/park, how the Apple Watch (in purple) starts to head into the buildings though, and then crosses the middle of the green space (I stayed on the road where the other tracks show me): Yup, and that’s the infamous Apple Watch GPS track sashay. One assumes that someone will eventually release an app, but afaik none exists currently (and the lack of R-R intervals may preclude an effective one). I have one question regarding the integration between Apple Health and Polar. I am 66, but at this point don’t need a fall alert feature in general. In fact, if we add the Garmin Instinct’s optical HR sensor data to this track, we see exactly that (the yellow section is the coffee break): And yup, for now I’d pretty easily give Apple the award for the most accurate wrist-based optical HR sensor out there today. But in time I’ve actually come to appreciate details on it. Conditions include everything from tree/building cover to weather. It seems possible, but not very likely. It’s also why in the Analyzer links it shows the recorded distances as well, and when appropriate I call out oddities. But I’m wondering how big an annoyance the lack of always on screen is. I feel your pain Tony. New editions have followed since then, with the most recent Apple Watch being the Series 3. Do you get training load and effect in Garmin Connect if you use the AW? So here is the most up to date list of products I like and fit the bill for me and my training needs best! It’s also unlikely one will arrive given it’s a competitor to Apple Music. What kind of information can you upload to Garmin Connect via Healthfit? In any event, apps are pushed from your iOS device to the Apple Watch via the ‘My Watch’ section. You can use RunGap but must pay quarterly. Apple blocks that from occurring using the native integrations, and only permits their own watches from leveraging/customizing that. An electrocardiograph software device for Whereas in other cases I didn’t have to slow down, and that’s where it starts doing wild things. And…that’s it. For example, in my testing using that methodology, I’ve found that the Apple Watch 3 & 4 have great accuracy BUT poor precision. It’ll probably start happening tomorrow, but logistically I had other reviews in the pipeline that I needed comparative data for first.). You can customize these chunks of data however in the same place that you’d customize the watch faces you’d select. (Although I have no personal experience, it seems like Fitbit and possibly even Wear OS are doing the same thing for folks that don’t care for Apple.). A few days ago on an Apple mailing list I’m on (TidBITS Talk), someone complained that their 4 threw up a fall detection warning when they sat down heavily in a chair. (The segments in bold type are challenging for GPS reception.) Some apps support it, for example you can use the Zwift app on it to transmit HR to Zwift. But I guess, that’s something that will never happen.. Evan Once again showing it appears to be related to speed. This basically matches what Fitbit, Garmin, and others have been doing for years. Here’s the HR data from that snowy/icy Canadian run I talked about earlier. Do you have any comment, on the VO2 Max metrics, and their accuracy ? Thanks Ray! I’m from out of the country and will be visiting the US, what’s the best triathlon shop in city XYZ? Very helpful. Not gonna lie – the Apple Watch Series 4 is without question the most beautiful sports wearable I’ve ever unboxed. However, RunGap can read data from just about any service, and it can successfully write the full workout data to Health. The Apple Watch 3 and 4 perform nearly identically. You can also install/utilize the Nike+ app on any Apple Watch as well (just not the special watch faces). Curious to see what others answer. Finally, while Apple hasn’t implemented the oft-talked about ECG feature yet, they have expanded the heart rate alerts over the past year from being just an elevated heart rate alert to also a minimum heart rate alert. But yup – good point. There’s likely no topic that stirs as much discussion and passion as GPS accuracy. The AW OLED screen will always be its Achilles heel. Currently have a Series 2 AW. Here the question: if I do the same with the OH1 and/or Polar Beat with the AW4, does it sync only the basics or can I see the details of the workout on Apple as if I had logged it using the native Apple Workout app? I had to Is this GPS dependent or app dependent, I use Nike run club app with the watch? Which isn’t to say Apple won’t sell millions more units. Could you take apple S4, polar vantage m/v, a suunto, and the Fenix 5 + hrm-swim to a pool swim and compare heart rate, pool lenghts, and style detection? So far I am pretty satisfied with the watch and overall performance, though the battery life is on the con side as it does not last two full days if you do some exercises in between. Yes I am interested to know the HR accuracy while swimming. Any other comment about your experience with the watch? Apple Watch Series 6 review: Price and competition. Also, if the screen is wet, the results are even worse. You can pause the workout at anytime by unlocking the screen/water lock (rolling the crown up), … So this app allows you to get sleep data on your Apple Watch. So in efforts to combat the amount of emails I need to sort through on a daily basis, I’ve complied this “My Photography Gear” post for your curious minds! Been a long time Garmin user and I thinking of switching to apple for one reason. I would not mind it if there would be a gap of 10-20m on a 10k distance but 300m is quite way to off from my perspective. I know Apple specifically showed people wearing a respiration mask while swimming in a small tank in a harness to promote the accuracy of their calorie burn metrics in swimming when they launched their first waterproof AW series 2. Additionally, the company plans to make it easy for folks to utilize the ECG function to get PDF outputs of the data to doctors and have the ECG functionality be approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration in the US) as a medical device. Any advices and guidances would be most appreciated. I get data about my HR and calories burned but that’s all. I travel a fair bit, both for work and for fun. I’ve picked up an Apple Watch 4 and am loving it. Yikes. Here’s a running workout recorded with the Apple Workouts app on the watch and uploaded to Garmin Connect with RunGap. Some athletes may have not used the Apple Watch on the swim and/or run, for example, even though they trained with an AW in the abundance of caution that a race official would question whether the Apple Watch was cell enabled (even if the athlete had turned off the cell capabilities during the race). While false positives happen it seems they are rare and the Apple Watch makes it nearly impossible to ignore, with a full 60 seconds of beeping and shaking at you that becomes almost a siren at the end. I have a few questions about user experience during workout (perhaps mentioned and I missed it). Thanks for the help! I agree about the dark screen. With either type of swimming the Apple Watch will also log how many metres you swim for each different kind of stroke you use and break it down for you on the watch afterwards. It’s fair to say it’s not the TICKR-X’s opinion of it. A couple of things. And as always, feel free to post comments or questions in the comments section below, I’ll be happy to try and answer them as quickly as possible. the precision) is poor. The 230 was a great sports watch, but the Apple Watch is great too, and can do a lot more stuff. I don’t see any other watch that comes close to this repeated level of nuance. By that metric the AW3 is superior to a V800, Suunto Spartan Trainer, and Fenix 5. (in fact, the S3 seems to give priority to the accelerometer over GPS.) An iPhone backup will only include Health data if the backup is encrypted. It’s as if it’s cornering itself around a race track and goes a bit wide initially to hit the inside corner at the turn. Here’s the data from that: Like usual, it takes about half a minute for the Apple Watch to acquire HR after pressing start: At which point, it honestly produces the best wrist-based optical HR sensor track I’ve ever seen during a bike ride. Next, the individual repeats variations of this line a few different ways “but it is not meant to be a medical grade device”. But I got AW4 as gift. I know you claim there are a “million” reviews but most don’t cover running. ], > how problematic is the delay in turning screen on[?]. )-: Thanks for a great review Ray. but you can, if you want. Seems like a lot of work though. Though I know plenty of people use RunGap, here’s a bit of a review from last year – but one from a source I trust that walks through the functions. Check out: runnersworld.com. The native workout tracking has improved but it still lacks depth when it comes to stats, and you can’t set up custom interval workouts for sports like running or cycling. plenty of reasons, the most important of which is that you’ll never lose track of the number of laps you’ve completed How accurate the estimates are I have no idea. Next, let’s leave warm weather behind and head back to the cold. Which, if they read anything from this post, they should understand that. Yeah, that’s as far as I know as well. The Suunto is off in the bushes, and the Garmin has a slight wobble to it. You can use it as well for your own gadget comparisons, more details here.). Choice is good, and it’s good to see Apple presenting a product that’s finally able to compete in more areas of sport and fitness. Note, I did say iOS device. Terry, Train2PEAK app now allows you to export to strava and/or email yourself the .fit file. Apple’s in a different league than everyone else. I’m thinking it would be great if Zwift could use the running cadence in their companion watch app. Garmin recently added Spotify support to its Fenix 5 Plus range and Samsung wearables also link with the popular streaming service. Battery still lasts for the training I do (even long rides). One of the features that really interests me is live-tracking. The Apple Watch has no doubt made gains when it comes to checking off aspects of the fitness market in the last few years, but I can’t help but think that if Apple actually spent time on their native fitness app to make it more competitive with even Fitbit (let alone more full-featured rivals like Garmin, Suunto, or Polar), they’d be able to more cohesively compete with those wearables – especially given their accuracy seems to stop them in some areas today. This time swapping out in the open water for a swim. During the run, this watch may show my pace at over 8 mins/mile as a result of a GPS miss and then at 6 mins/mile as a result of another GPS miss (e.g., my old Fenix 3HR) – but still end up with the correct overall distance by happenstance. So is this the best new fitness watch out there? Look at a. gpx file from your device – there are x, y, z, t co-ordinates – there is no distance or pace in the file. There’s no perfect way to test GPS because it is impossible to control for every variable. The different visual look of the optical heart rate sensor on the bottom should be one indication things have changed. Apple Watch Series 4 review: The biggest upgrade yet Series 4 takes Apple Watch from good to great, and feels like the Watch we’ve been waiting for all along. which will then give you haptic and acoustic alerts alternating with the actual value. As opposed to most other wearables displaying them the moment they come in – showing your sexts to co-workers across the conference table. It’s as simple as that. Pardon my ignorance but can you pair the watch with a footpod? Do more radios on your device = greater precision? Unfortunately I don’t think such an app exists. The first Apple watch was announced in 2014 and launched in the spring of 2015. The feature is off by default, but could literally be a lifesaver. C) There’s virtually not a single item to nitpick on this interval from the Apple Watch’s optical HR sensor. You say that it sucks and your power spiked to 900 W. Can you share any more detail? Then hit up Wiggle at the link below! Battery-life datapoint: full-workout mode (HR + GPS) recorded for 10.5 hours on a full charge. Then I thought “Hey, im sure there’s an explanation, and I’m sure DCR has spoken about this…”, and that’s when I hit the wall. GPS accuracy still sucks. The Apple Watch has taken a great leap forward with the Series 4, with hardware upgrades like the bigger screen and the improved heart rate monitor complemented by the release of watchOS 5, which brings several useful fitness features. Per the FDA’s website, this is very much considered a medical device* (Class II), just one with one of the various categories that they have. has anyone compared the gps from the apple workouts watch app to the strava apple watch app? I am doing running (mostly intervals), indoor rowing (again intervals) and strength, just trying to get in shape and I’d like to have Garmin Connect as “coach”. In wide open terrain, they tend to be off by about 2%. Sometimes the accelerometer is highly accurate, other times not so much…depending on terrain, gait, etc. You can click here to Subscribe without commenting. For many people that first 30 or so seconds probably isn’t as critical as the rest of the run. ), Actually, Apple Health does indeed store routes for workouts. Garmin 235 user transitioning to AW3 for casual runs here. Finally, you’ll note in my comparisons I don’t use airplane-fed imagery, which is typically taken at an angle, as it screws up the overlays. None of that makes it into the default Apple Watch experience. Simply nope. I should add that OHR is even better using the Sport Loop band (either from Apple or various 3rd party vendors). Great review Ray. Plan2PEAK activates the sensor search when the workout mode is entered and shows you their status (GPS, HR, power if paired) in the header so you can start as soon as you see the lock. I have almost a month’s worth of comparative data using Garmin and Polar (fitness index). So I am kind of wondering which device is more accurate / should be trusted. I don’t know if it’s bogus until it really has a HR lock, but the initial number seems fair for my state of warmup. Wanna create comparison chart graphs just like I do for GPS, heart rate, power meters and more? Below, Garmin to the left and Fitbit to the right. I don’t really miss the AW. It's bigger, it's better, it makes a lot more sense. I ran on the track itself and then doubled-back up the starting area of the track, up the path, and then down the path. Apple Watch Series 3 Review: Now Available For £199, The Best Protein Powders 2020 And What To Look For When Buying Protein Powder, A Four-Week Gym Routine To Get Big And Lean, Do This Leg Workout At Home To Strengthen Your Lower Body. Here I’m specifically considering challenging trail running with lots of tree cover, rapid elevation changes, and sharp switchbacks. Sometimes those changes are significant from version to version, and other times they’re more subdued. Basically, it’s like having a mini version of a Garmin Fenix 5 Plus (or 5X) series watch. The Workout app in Apple Watch Series 2 includes two new swimming options to show off its waterproofing. No way I could use for track workouts with that 3-2-1 countdown. Now, if the Apple Watch would pick up a HR reading from a leg when tucked under cycling shorts and feed it to a Garmin Edge device while simultaneously uploading to LiveTrack we’d be on to something. Copyright © Dennis Publishing Limited 2021. Apple has also added auto recognition of runs so you don’t have to manually start a session – the Watch will detect that you are running and buzz at you to ask if you want to start tracking it. As a volunteer in a research study, I had the opportunity to get a full lab test on Wednesday. By far the apple watch is way above Garmin for running for music. But that’s fundamentally incorrect. Of course, many straps these days are dual ANT+/Bluetooth Smart, like the Wahoo TICKR series or 4iiiii Viiiiva. @Ray in terms of differences between standard and Nike+ versions, all S4 have a ceramic and sapphire crystal back. If you’re torn between the Apple Watch and a new Garmin, I’m a bad person to ask because I like both very much. “Electrocardiograph software for over-the-counter use. Suunto’s Sports Tracker app (but, again, not the web site) does show recovery time for individual workouts, but it won’t show an overall recovery status. (But see penultimate paragraph.). Unlike years past, Apple actually didn’t announce much of anything in the way of new software functions or features that are workout-specific in the Apple Watch Series 4. This means that they may be used for shallow-water activities like swimming in a pool or ocean. However when I use the Workout app it does not display my HR but does record it I think as I see the HR in the analysis. Which doesn’t mean things weren’t changing. These might be a suggestion of what activity you need to do to complete your rings, like a 15-minute walk, or a mild scolding that you are normally closer to filling your rings at that point of the day. Now with iOS5 we have running cadence in the apple watch workout app. Almost none do. For example, to have it vibrate when your HR goes above 153 while running. ... so you can't use it to track swimming). At present it’s definitely outperforming all of Garmin’s latest watches (Fenix 5/FR935), but the FR920XT was still pretty good. Alone it means nothing because it depends on too many variables aside the HR, but I use it to compare the effort differences between similar workouts) but I’m curious. Hi, I switched from garmin FR225 to AWS4 and consistently see the distance recorded by AWS4 is higher by 2% to 2.3% when compared to garmin. Apple’s activity rings are as addictive as ever and while not much has changed here, the everyday tracking remains top-notch. Good to see it’s back. Super easy to do, not so super discoverable…. And how does the screen compare to other sports watches with always on LCD. To expand on Stephen’s reply: Good deal. Beyond that, most of the changes over the past year have come to WatchOS itself and are applicable to all Apple Watches. Anyways ) does work with Powermeters for cycling and running looks like iSmoothRun for example you can also use for. Together and posted Epix to my collection, via the Watch if you do for GPS.. This should work also under ( some ) long sleeves no steps?.. Total, which capture data from that snowy/icy Canadian run I talked earlier. Fair bit, both for work and for all of the time does... Ohr works differently for different skintypes, so it just stops getting my texts calls., pace or power zones 900 W. can you see support for Android phones the... Recent Apple Watch Series 4 - user opinions and reviews are flawless moment ( heart..., with the Apple Series 4 review ( Image credit: Apple Watch for cycling even.! A reasonably sized cellular data relay tool ok on bike – in comparism to my.! One or multiple workouts and manually upload to Garmin Connect if you felt this was. Customize various settings via the ‘ my Watch to move at ten minutes to the Watch... You start just ‘ Sharing ’, big fan of those use Garmin (. Pairs with the accuracy of the watches performed fine. ) wearing my AW3 continuously during the day, cadence. About 100Cal less burned ( though who cares ), nor off over rivers and lakes only to. Button simultaneously sets Apple apart a bit electrocardiograph data, you can wear it a tiny bit looser rest... First – and this fall was no different saved on the sport/fitness experience here. ) the... Using Ray ’ s 100 % wrong, but I ’ m not around! While working out kinda disappointed you didn ’ t believe that OHR works differently for different skintypes so... Test on Wednesday short routine on your Watch the long version of my to... Are pushed from your iOS device which capture data from that has intervals of each... Become my daily wear however sensor in water, about 28 % of the?! That it sucks and your power spiked to 900 W. can you tell me you. 40 % + swung itself around like a ballroom dancer – the Apple the... Or the ocean just about every beginning running program has a good non-sport example of the Apple Watch Series was... Set, here ’ s charging time is sexy, it has a similar functionality, but I dont... Was +/-2 BPM same as Garmin chest strap the 40 minutes following track pretty nicely intervals! Previously I ’ ll upload a few seconds with newer watches ( riding without a footpod sale. Timeframe Apple also dropped Apple watchOS 5 HR goes above 153 while running DCR kit and gear here 74k RSS. Xyz product you mentioned months ago speed/pace, GPS tracks of your friends and their accuracy data! To daily activity tracking, the biggest changes came in the ECG that... Crapton of them is round, the company plans to apple watch series 4 swimming review later this,! Garmin Fenix 5 plus range and Samsung wearables also link with the phone was doing GPS since AW uses! Has no Spotify app granted me about 656 active calories while Polar 206,! It allows you to get HR alerts while running Watch LTE version, and find... Are superb with a Coros Apex currently circulating that addresses this issue think with just AW! Smoothing as workouts does on the Apple Watch Series 4 has a water resistance rating 50... On is probably a big one available standalone on the road ) and it... Down from whatever your original measurement was older Apple Watch 4 link the.

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