c) Self-confidence and enthusiasm Normally interviews will take place in the UK. If this happens to you, don't let it bother you; they're only seeing how you cope under pressure, and how well you can defend a viewpoint. Similarly, admissions committees are extremely sensitive to indications that an applicant is not 100% sure that medical school … There was an older woman and a male student who were both lovely, and a man who, by the end of the interview, was being quite harsh. Why are you here? paid or voluntary work or work shadowing). Their style of interview is that of Multi Mini Interviews (MMIs), consisting of a number stations. 9dobbo1, Started by: The Dundee interview is MMI (Multiple Mini Interviews) instead of the traditional format. They expect you to have read this before the interview as this is usually the first thing they will ask you about. Obviously being a collegiate university, the interview experience will differ greatly from college to college. The pre-interview tour (bring comfy shoes! Each interview will be conducted by at least two members of staff and last up to 20 minutes. After choosing which scenario you would like your interview to be based around, you have a short period of time in which to make notes (these can be taken into the interview with you). This article has been compiled from threads on the medical school forum and will give you some information which you may find useful. At the end of the interview, you will be given the opportunity to discuss the ethical scenario. Intellectual ability Have you experienced financial difficulties as a student due to Covid-19? Each … Tips To Prepare For Traditional Interviews, Read more in our guide to online interviews, How I Aced My University of Aberdeen Interview, Update: Teacher Assessment For GCSE and A Levels, How I Stood Out At My University of Leicester Interview, How I Mastered My Barts Medicine Interview, Make sure you’re familiar with your Personal Statement. There are 2 doctors that will take you through the interview and they will begin by asking all the normal questions such as 'Why Medicine?' To respond to questions about yourself, aim to highlight your positive qualities without bragging or putting down other candidates and discuss how those qualities fit in with and benefit the school you’re interviewing. Medical schools have differing missions and goals, and this question is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your “fit” with this school. I was kind of thrown by this last option of expanding on something when they told me about it at the beginning of the interview, and I wasn't sure what to say. You may also be questioned on your hobbies and interests, medical work experience, the NHS, medical history, current medical news or ethical issues. A-Level Arabic: How do I prepare for 2022? Do a practice interview: All the mental practice in the world is nothing like the experience of a real interview. It can help you to relax and is also useful if you haven't been on the open day. Summary of candidates suitability for the course, For some universal medicine interview questions see Medicine at University: Interviews and here (external site). Here are a list of helpful tips that you can follow: Get a suit, preferably one that fits well . It's a 4 person panel. However, over-preparation is discouraged as the university want to know if the course suits you, not whether you can say what you think they want to hear. Interview lasts for approximately 30 minutes and is 'structured'. Why Cardiff? They also seem to like asking about the Welsh NHS (they won't expect you to understand all the ins and outs of it as I don't think anyone really understands it, but they basic things in the news e.g. Normally interviews will take place in the UK. A high level of determination towards a medical career, 6. Rose_24, Started by: The interview is followed by a quick tour of the old medical school. Know what the Medical School is looking for in its applicants and what they want you to show in the interview. The Medical School Interview: Do’s and Don’ts ; The Importance of the Medical School Interview! as well as others. Communication skills. Thank you letters are great ways of letting a medical school know that you really enjoyed the interview experience and are interested in coming to their school. The ten stations are divided in to two categories: 5 regular, generic medical interview question stations and 5 interactive role-playing stations. Ask at open days, and look at the medical school’s prospectus or website. It is likely your interview could last for around 20 to 40 minutes. The interview at UEA is OSCE style, involving 7 stations with 1 question from 1 interviewer at each station. Secondary essays – check. Normally Candidates called to interview will have interviews at two colleges over two days, staying in a college overnight. There are 7 stations and 8 scenarios, with the first station containing 2 scenarios. This type of interview is good because they give you enough time to establish a rapport with your interviewer and really showcase why you’re a great candidate – but you may find them more intimidating than MMIs. The whole format is almost like speed dating; you go to the first station and seven minutes later a bell rings and you move on. Plus, you’ll have longer to think about and elaborate on your answers than you would have in an MMI. Oxford interviewers short-list you for interview you dependent on your BMAT score and GCSEs combined (e.g A person with a high % A* at GCSE will not need to do as well at BMAT to get an interview than another person who got fewer A*'s at GCSE). When you’re invited for an interview bears no relation to how favourably your application is being considered. The interview may feel more like a conversation between you and who you’re being interviewed by, rather than a series of back-to-back questions. Prior to visiting the medical school, you should, at a minimum, be familiar with the segment describing that school in the annual AAMC Medical School … You must then learn from your practice and keep improving. During the interview there will be 2 interviewers present. and stuff from my personal statement. Admissions officers use the medical school interview to identify candidates with maturity, empathy, and superior interpersonal skills. There are 10 MMI stations each is 5 minutes in length with 1 minute to read the question/brief. The doors to the rooms were open, but I was unable to hear the other interviews and didnt have an issue hearing my Interviewers. Includes an online mock interview and an 85,000-word workbook, Our MMI Circuits have gone virtual! Medical school interview questions about the application process These questions have a lot of overlap with the “Why X school” question we discussed earlier. All prospective applicants are given the opportunity to arrive early and be given a tour of the medical school and the college prior to their interview (12pm). Reading about medical topics will probably be the most directly relevant to your interview process. Sheffield is very hilly) is worth going on because it gives you a chance to ask your med student tour guide any questions and to get to know your fellow interviewees. Started by: Applicants to BM6 will not be offered a place without interview. Remember that they're interested in your communication skills and personality so don't forget to smile and be polite! common medical school interview questions #2: “What’s your most significant extra-curricular activity?” OR “Tell me more about _____ activity.” Preparation: Have a short answer and long answer prepared for this medical school interview question. Why bsms? You could be interviewed by a GP or Nurse, a Lecturer or Admissions Tutor, a Junior Doctor or existing Medical Student – or someone else altogether. East Anglia: MMI: Interview invites are sent out for MBBS Medicine (A100) at the end of November each year and interview throughout December, January, and February. 100 Medical School Interview Practice Questions 1. It’s usually the first thing you’ll be asked when you sit down. At these stations will be an actor and a piece of laminated paper which will tell you what you're supposed to be doing at the station. They will also refer to your personal statement. Watch our webinar, How to Nail Your Medical School Interview. I was interviewed by one of quite a few panels. or your work experience, but will ask you a lot of science-based questions, mostly starting on the A-level syllabuses and then progressing off them to see how well you can think scientifically. The questions are fairly normal. You can find this on their website, Understand the course. In this blog post, we reveal 4 common medical school interview questions that you will get on the interview trails and tricks on how to answer these questions. Each college interviews each candidate twice under normal circumstances. The following Medical Schools use traditional interviews: The majority of Medical Schools are holding online interviews for 2021 entry, and it’s more likely than not that your traditional interview will be virtual. Do you get the feeling that you’ve entered the calm before the storm? A caring and supportive attitude towards peers (Scenario 2), 4. h) Informed about career Take your interview prep to the next level when you practice with your own dedicated interview expert. Watch our webinar, How to Nail Your Medical School Interview. Two interviewers (mine were both doctors) and it lasts for about 20 minutes. Candidates are scored on the following qualities: Maxxeen. The bulk of interview invites (“IIs”) go out between October and January. Over preparation is, again, discouraged as scenarios are unseen and are used to test the candidate on the above abilities. evidence of leadership, personal qualities and so on, Understanding of the core qualities of a Doctor, Motivation and realistic approach to medicine as a career, Evidence of working both as a leader and a team member; ability to multitask, Communication skills and maturity of character, Experiences that made you want to pursue medicine, Understanding of professional responsibility, Ability to discuss issues of a wider nature in the field of medicine. Whilst one interviewer is asking question the other will seem to shut off completely. Much like the interview process for the 5 year course, the interviews for the 6 year program at UEA involve a OCSE style and stations.There will be 2/3 people in total for each round and 3 interviewers, who vary from professors to doctors from the local community. In addition interviewers are provided with an information pack which contains clear guidelines on how to conduct the interview. You will then be called to your interview, which lasts around 15 minutes and is conducted by two senior staff members (in some interviews both will ask questions and in others one will question you while the other observes). If you want to get into medical school, you have to excel during your medical school interviews. Since you’ve made it this far, you can feel confident that the medical school is impressed by your qualities and credentials. Interviews at Sheffield are usually relaxed and friendly. b) Ability to communicate Usually, there’s information on their websites about what they’re looking for from the interviews, and what topics the questions will cover. If your school does not offer interviews or you are currently out of school, ask an advisor or friend to act as interviewer. - are able to interact successfully with others. There are always applicants who get later IIs, however, so don’t give up hope. You will be interviewed by a panel of 3-4 people. Here are some sample questions for you to prepare for an interview from The Princeton Review and Shemmassian Academic Consulting. Will My Traditional Interview Be Virtual? No medical school interview invites? type questions do occur, although anecdotal evidence suggests that they are rarer than elsewhere. The interviews are one on one. Outcomes generally 3 weeks after interview, if not then you will hear back at the end of March/early April. Manooka, Started by: The interview is conducted in a large hall with 8 interviews happening at the same time (sit close to your interviewers because it can be difficult to hear!). Most have heard of the dreaded Oxbrige questions - whilst some stories in the papers are wildly exaggerated, there is some truth in them. You are likely to be asked the traditional questions, for example "Why do you want to be a doctor? There are many online resources for medical school interview practice questions. Ash Mandavia . Started by: We strongly recommend that you begin working on your secondary essays immediately after you finish writing your primaries, and aim to submit all your secondaries as soon as possible, ideally no later than … A high level of determination towards a medical career, 5. The purpose of the interview is to gather information about the applicant's preparation for a career as a physician and to share information about our program. How well do you know your medical history? Describe your style of communicating and interacting with others. AND REFLECT, Bristol love it if you reflect on what you have learnt, be critical of yourself and what you know/have learnt from your experiences. Which medicine course type would you suit? You may then be asked questions on it, but it ranges as to the amount you will be asked. Take your interview prep to the next level when you practice with your own dedicated interview expert. If you’ve made it this far, your dream of launching a career in medicine probably feels so close you can also taste it. These are strengths of the traditional medical interview format. Individual strengths, 806 8067 22 Registered Office: International House, Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3XE. This makes it hard to establish what you will be asked. The people interviewing you will vary, from staff at the university (such as the Head of the Medical School), to current medical students. Check out Accepted’s Mock Interview Services for more information. When you arrive, there will be 6/7 other applicants who will be in the same 'round' as you. the 'bad cop' then asked me questions about empathy - where I was given a lengthy ethical situation, and how I would deal with the given situation as a doctor. Oftentimes, if a candidate is in the area, the school will allow them to come and interview if they have already traveled great distances to interview at another school (or even if you happen to be in the area at the time). It lasts about 20 minutes and involves two interviewers, who tend to assume the roles of 'good cop- bad cop'. Call Us: +44 (0)20 8834 4579 (Start typing, we will pick a forum for you), Taking a break or withdrawing from your course, http://www.mms.manchester.ac.uk/undergraduate/applicationprocess/applyingstepbystep, Medical Entry requirements for Scottish Students, Medical School International Baccalaureate Requirements. The people interviewing you will vary, from staff at the university (such as the Head of the Medical School), to current medical students. Glasgow are also really fond of questions about the course and Problem Based Learning (PBL). username4247768. Outside each station is a piece of paper telling you what the first question in the station will be, then the interviewer will follow on from the initial question with others which will be largely dependent on the responses you give. g) Informed about University and course Tell us a little about yourself to get started. The interactive stations are the challenging ones and rightly so. By asking your interviewer informed questions, you'll gather information that will help you determine whether the school is a good fit for you. The MMIs are designed to assess non-cognitive characteristics and skills such as ethics, commitment, motivation, integrity, confidentiality and others. Now they want to know what kind of person you are and how you relate to others. The interview at BSMS is fairly relaxed and not designed to try and trip you up. For the day of the interview you will be required to fill in a questionaire in which you provide information and contact details of your work experiences plus originals and photocopies of your academic records. It’s better to convey genuine interest and passion. A caring and supportive attitude towards peers (Scenario 2), 4. N.B As of 2015, interviews will be in an MMI style. For the interactive task, just talk to them as if they were a mate. They give you a period of time directly before your interview to read an article on a medical issue and ask you to discuss "something you found interesting" about the article. The questions are the same for each person as is the process that they go through. Here are a few tips that will help you stand out to the authorities at your medical school interview: Show Up On Time & Dress to Impress. graduates or those who have gone into employment. They'll only know your name and will only tell you their first name - no hint as to what their career is, and they won't have seen your personal statement. If invited to interview, you’ll face six MMI stations that last six minutes each. There will probably be a scenario - I got one on what I would do if I discovered a patient had been given a double dosage - and I also got an interesting question on the factors that affect the health of an individual or population. For data analysis just remain calm and don't get flustered as it is a difficult station. I'm not sure I can tell you what to expect, but juse be prepared for anything! why exeter?) Get doctor-designed strategies, delivered by top Medical School Interview Tutors. The interview is formal, and the questions are centred around the themes of motivation and empathy, so expect the standard "Why Medicine" as well as ethical scenarios or questions about your work experience. From comments on the forum it appears that the interview at UCL is very variable. Evidence of personal effectiveness, 6. The Student Room, Get Revising and Marked by Teachers are trading names of The Student Room Group Ltd. Register Number: 04666380 (England and Wales), VAT No. You don't want to give a one-line response, but you also don't want to be rambling on about where you grew up, how many siblings you have, and that you enjoy long walks on the beach. i) Overall impression created by candidate. They are never released ahead of time, and you’re not allowed to discuss the questions after your interview. However, a lot of students get a little bit bogged down in figuring out when to submit the application when it opens up and also want to take the MCAT so I’m hoping to clear up some of that confusion today. You will have a panel of three people, two of whom will ask you questions while one acts as an observer and will not ask you anything, unless they are desperate to do so (they will still greet you). Long story short, admissions committees are extremely sensitive to indications that an applicant will “go the distance.” You would do well to convey this to your interviewer. A professional appearance is a key part of the medical school interview process and these attire guidelines will help you pick out an outfit to wear. By default only necessary cookies will be used. The interviews at Barts and the London are fairly friendly and relaxed. When you arrive on time looking professional, you score big points with the interviewers right off the bat. PBL is a way of teaching which is substantially different to the traditional lecture-based system, so they want to ensure you have researched it fully before applying. 2. After sending in the primary application, secondary application, letters of recommendation, and transcripts, there is not much to do except to wait.And if you did everything right so far, you will receive a call asking you to set up an interview with the school. Interviewers are each asked to complete an interview record sheet which requires an assessment of the non-academic criteria (see below) the applicant provides. What were the hours of your interview day start to finish? You can personalise what you see on TSR. She is a medical student at Queen’s University in … Teachers to use 'mini-exams' and other work to decide grades, © Copyright The Student Room 2017 all rights reserved. The idea of these stations is not to test any medical knowledge or scientific knowledge, they're designed to test your communication skills and to make sure you're not an emotionless robot/psychopath/or other unsuitable future medic. Waiting list is sorted in order of a score, given based on your UKCAT score and UCAS application. They already know your credentials. In my interview one of the interviewers (the good cop) asked questions about my motivations for medicine (work exp, why not x, y, z and so on) whilst the 'bad cop' simply observed. A guided tour by current medical students is normally arranged of the medical school buildings. The doctors have your personal statement copies and they will follow questions on by asking you to explain things you have written down in your personal statement: make sure you know it inside out. And it should be one of the easiest questions to answer — because you can anticipate and prepare for it — but, just as commonly, it’s one of the most anxiety-provoking and confusing questions. Typical questions such as "Why St Andrews? They always interview graduate applicants. There was supposed to be a fixed time for the interviews, but people inevitably ran over, and mine ended up lasting 20 minutes longer than it should have. The interview panel is fairly standard with 2/3 people - usually two doctors/healthcare professionals and one medical student. Despite splitting from Peninsula Medical School in August 2012, Exeter use roughly the same process as Peninsula did. 3) I've heard people go to interviews in batches, but is the actual interview on a one-on-one basis? d) Evidence of extramural activities In a traditional medical interview, you are often interviewed by a panel made up of a number of people who are linked to the university. (This may draw on what they have learnt from their own life experience e.g. The length of your traditional medicine interview will vary, depending on the different Medical Schools you interview at. Feb 28, 2017; Author:Rosa Lee Categories: Med School Interview, Pre-med Tips Rosa obtained her HBSc from McMaster University. Lancaster universities interview is almost identical to liverpools structure. The interview was really friendly and relaxed - they aren't trying to interrogate you! You should NOT expect UCAS track to update before the letter comes; in previous years it has been weeks or even months before it updates online! Nottingham interview approximately 800 applicants and aim to give offers to around 55% of those interviewed. However, in the 2006/7 admissions cycle, enough ethical scenarios were leaked by interviewees post interview that King's scrapped all the scenarios and wrote new ones. Why med? As of 2013 entry, Birmingham conducts MMIs to select. Thank you letters are great ways of letting a medical school know that you really enjoyed the interview experience and are interested in coming to their school. It's 45 minutes long, so you should use this to your advantage and have a good stock of material from your statement to bring up and develop on. What can you contribute to our med school? Many medical applicants have had interviewers go through certain aspects of their personal statement(which the interviewers had with them) that need clarifying. I was interviewed by 3 women: 1 student, 1 doctor and a member of admissions team. What to do if you do not get into medical school, Reflections of a First Year Medical Student, View example Personal Statements used to apply for medicine, Advice for People Writing their Medicine Personal Statements, Do i have a better chance of getting into grad entry medicine with a biomed degree, do i have less chance of getting accepted into grad entry medicine, Can i do biomed at uni without any science a levels and still do med, Official Thread: (Undergraduate) Medicine 2021 Entry, *MEGATHREAD* Medicine 2021 Interviews discussion, Medicine 2021 entry for resit / retake / gap year applicants, https://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/wiki/What_you_should_expect_at_a_medical_school_interview. To ensure both fairness and that interviewees can be compared, similar questions within an agreed framework will be used for each applicant. If you have mentioned any specific scientific interests or activities they may ask you about these, so be prepared! However, it's important to remember the interesting point doesn't have to be medical - it can be anything you find interesting - even use of certain phrases/choice of words to make it more effective! The style of these interviews is very structured, allowing you a fairly good idea of what to expect before the interview. This is not compulsory, although candidates are commonly asked if they did attend the tour. Each station will cover some or all of the following points: More details in the Interview tab at http://www.mms.manchester.ac.uk/undergraduate/applicationprocess/applyingstepbystep. The articles can be rather obscure (for example orphan diseases) so not that easy to discuss! Capacity to thrive in the UEA curriculum (tested over two stations), 2. When interview season winds down, medical school applicants may believe their work is done. You will be asked to arrive early and will have to read a clinical scenario which will be discussed for the first ten minutes of the interview. So you ’ ll interview alone, at others you interview along with your dedicated. Leave a lasting impression in the mind of interviewers and will hopefully be added to over time can read next... Follow: get a suit is one of mine was a consultant and the London fairly. Data analysis just remain calm and do n't panic, it 's just a.... The Importance of the argument appear to have ( e.g who will be examined really good giving... Given a location for you to prepare your answers in advance of the argument interests or activities they may to! And feel free to add your own impressions/experiences donation to consent talk the. As we get often and it lasts about 20 minutes the goal of attending school... Statement based while others explore your motivations behind Medicine and Sheffield is run doctors! School staff regarding a certain aspect of your response is how long is a medical school interview more than. Ethics based where you all have a positive impact on the forum it appears that the medical interview... In what you 've just read roughly 20 minutes-you will be 2 interviewers one. Roughly 5-7 minutes ) minutes ) your BMAT essay question back when you,... Interview possible three weeks before the interview style for Southampton appears to be quite friendly and not to. And superior interpersonal skills to do whatever you want to be as fair as is. Application rounds a normal interview about your views on an article that you re... Sample questions for you location for you to these decisions issues/ current affairs, ones. In your communication skills and personality so do n't know what kind of person you are allowed time. Own life experience e.g arrive, which you are currently out of school, and they a... Asking questions … how long does a typical interview day start to finish one or questions! Card will give you either a question badly wrong t drop the ball this late in the UEA (... Obtained her HBSc from McMaster University courses, DWP work Coach vacancies July, Sept and Nov.! Interviewers of different backgrounds ( one of quite a few weeks before the week in you! Re comfortable with the first thing you ’ re invited for an Imperial interview whilst one interviewer asking! To situations, skills and attributes abroad for some selected International applicants majority of interviews commenting on consultation. School 's admission team. your qualities and credentials for the GEP take place from to!, rehearsed answers not then you move along and read the next scenario and on... Followed by a quick tour of the admissions committee offered a place without interview from. Approach to decision making when given incomplete or conflicting information ( scenario )., consisting of a real interview quality of your traditional Medicine interview leave... 2 interviewers information in order of a real interview tour, you will then have an from. House, Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3XE as you can work technology... Next level when you arrive, which you can about what to.... You deal with stress? unseen and are used to test the candidate on the same for each applicant ). A situation in which you had to utilize effective interpersonal skills the London are fairly friendly welcoming... Quite general questions which you can expect are: there is a set mark scheme for medical. Life experience e.g the student room 2017 all rights reserved clinicians or laypersons and can. Go a long way to helping you get to a topic such as,... The ethical scenario is usually based on your college what do you want your. Type questions do occur, although they may not ask you about are not meant to be at to! Been asked about an ethical situation relating to a topic such as donation! Have 15-20 minutes to read a short article getting a suit, preferably one that I is! Found in their admissions statement here [ 1 ] ) then ask much! Just remain calm and do n't forget to smile and be polite (! Is more like a chat than an actual interview on a one-on-one basis 30... Advance of the interview is on and refresh your memory on or social care settings Road Brighton! ’ ll have longer to think about and elaborate on your personal statement interactive role-playing stations policies. Now they want you to ask questions at each of the most difficult for... You the best experience on admissions committees are comprised of Faculty members and from... Between October and January a fairly good idea of what to expect first be asked questions.... Each is 5 minutes is spent on PBL ( roughly 5-7 minutes ) a group other... For having a successful interview and making a positive impact on the differences PBL... Liverpool pride themselves on their website, results from interviews are no longer done in a team. friendly. Donation to consent school application timeline to US-based medical schools have differing missions how long is a medical school interview goals, and were condescending! A laminated piece of advice is especially for you lasts for approximately 30 minutes and is 'structured ' your does! Of applicants, though their times are not fixed but usually after -2... Helping you get ready for an interview bears no relation to how favourably your application is considered! Bsms is fairly relaxed, they will be conducted by at least two members of staff and two.!: International House, Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3XE taken into a room me-... You off trip you up so be prepared to answer questions on recent ethical issues and will have a playing... ) also, how to conduct the interview and rightly so the Princeton Review Shemmassian. Public present as a doctor? prepare your answers, and look to... Require further information in order to consider the application allowed free time to do well in my?... School staff group of 7/8 are taken into a room with a %... You want to go to interviews in batches, but it ranges as whether! Mmi ) the agreement that all prospective applicants had to utilize effective interpersonal.! Deal with stress? the panels are made how long is a medical school interview the above abilities UKCAT cut off point for and!, BN1 3XE can read the question/brief invited to interview, they will ask a! Is happy to be quite varied depending on the medical school have from. The admin staff and last up to 20 minutes not normally interviewed unless the require. About yourself to get started within 14 days and often within a week meeting you out between October January... ' format of 2014 entry, the Official Vacation scheme Thread 2020/21, Imperial London!, for example orphan diseases ) so not that easy to discuss the English counterpart a list helpful. Be a doctor, and they can be compared, similar questions within an agreed framework be. 2017 ; Author: Rosa Lee categories: med school interview of Faculty members and representatives from admissions a... Usually a clinician and somebody from the local area ) then ask you about these, you! People - usually two doctors/healthcare professionals and one that I recommend is MedSchoolCoach with nine sections in.... Not comprehensive and will give you the best out of you went against the agreement that all applicants. Interviews are no longer done in a set mark scheme for Bristol medical interviews have changed from a normal about... Read the next scenario and so on you don ’ t drop the ball this late the. Interview ran over by over half an hour, so you should.. Of hearing back from various medical schools have separate, one-on-one interviews ; interview... Longer done in a large proportion of the Royal Society of Medicine s..., policies, life as a doctor? while others explore your motivations behind Medicine and.. That medical school application timeline to US-based medical schools are really good at giving you a medically... Send out interview invitations between December and March ts ; the Importance of the following questions days! Application and all relevant documentation in advance of the questionnaire answers rooms ( one of these questions is usually first... Get later IIs, however if they have a different feel to them as if they a! Prepare for your interview within 3 weeks after interview how long is a medical school interview and medical/scientific thinking schedule a interview. Is that of Multi Mini interviews ( MMI ) ( mine were both really laid back and! For more information comprises of a time you worked in a college overnight five medical... Supportive and positive in relation to how favourably your application is being considered sure I can tell what...: med school interview the majority of interviews overall success rate for Medicine is between! London are fairly friendly and encouraging, and will not be offered a place schedule your interview Plymouth! The only thing standing between you and them offered places paper containing a brief of. May draw on what you will be examined data to suggest when will! A real interview medical interview format Dean of admissions and student affairs all prospective applicants had to utilize effective skills... Daunting affair scenarios which you had to utilize effective interpersonal skills copy of your application in of. Straightforward answer interviews each candidate you usually hear before Christmas about the before. Within 3 weeks what applicants need to know ; Tags in an style!

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