Tonality is the difference between having an ANNOYING voice… and an ATTRACTIVE voice. It’s not just at the club either. I coach with practical steps literally anyone can do at the bar/club to stop their crappy night and kickstart it into an upward spiral. Beyond all of this, you get a broad suite of vocal exercises on mp3 that you can engage with daily, any time and anywhere, to give your mind, body and voice the power you need to get maximum results with women. The point is, I GET IT. Here, you will discover how to find your optimal vocal resonance and eliminate nasal tonality that rubs people the wrong way – BOUNCE the sound so it’s not only LOUD, but, again, pleasant to the ear and actually ATTRACTIVE. Imagine Multiplying Your Results With Women 10X. 'Cause I don't wanna fall in love If I ever did that, I think I'd have a heart attack. Jeffy theme. There are some absolutely FATAL mistakes that I can hear a mile away. However my good friend Owen came to me and said, “Jeff, why not add even more value and take this thing to the next level? Once you see a master magician basically use mind control to direct focus, it will open your eyes to the pickup possibilities. I talk about leveraging the power of vulnerability, and share a very deep and personal story from my past that illustrates this power in a huge way. She’s intrigued, waiting to see what I’m going to say next. Ensure you will never be IGNORED again! Build an “aura of awesomeness” around your character that draws women in like gravity. The difference between vocal folds and “false vocal folds”, and how they affect our speaking. Train your voice to cut through the loud music at nightclubs and enchant the girl you have your eye on all the way back to the bedroom. Jeffy is a boy, named after and performed by Jeff Moss, who appeared in the song "I'm Going to Get My Hair Cut". Before becoming an established character, the initial recurring nameless Fat Blue Hippie puppet had various performers, including Frank Oz in "Seven Days," Jim Henson in a sketch demonstrating scatting, and Jerry Nelson in the season 2 version of "The Garden" with the puppet providing lead, as well as another sketch where a group of Anything Muppet hippies assist Grover in displaying the word "walk." Use storytelling to highlight needed aspects of your personality. So even if you don’t have a loud voice naturally, with this you can become loud enough to be heard and actually communicate your intent. Now my energy cuts through that shit like a hot katana through warm butter…. Tighten up your sloppy execution and shine a light on the last few sticking points that are holding you back from becoming ADVANCED. But, don't think twice. Most people think of this as a way to fix their POSTURE, but don’t realize it was developed to fix a VOCAL problem. Susan is going to run you through her proven exercises to strengthen your “instrument” and correct any damage that you have created from years of misuse and struggling to push air over the top of whatever Justin Bieber song is blaring at the club. Don’t worry, Mastering Humor will teach you to tap into your unique viewpoints to cultivate something authentic to you. A small voice WITH ring will. Your desire to engage, to connect, to express yourself, all of that is somehow being blocked and shoved down and twisted into a grotesque lump of shame and fear. People make decisions from an emotional space. We're not like what you're thinking We're poor little souls Who have lost all control And now we're forced here To take that role We've been all alone Stuck in our little zone Since 1987 Join us, be our friend Or just be stuck and defend After all you only got Five Nights at Freddy's! So even if you don’t have a loud voice naturally, with this you can become loud enough to be heard and actually communicate your intent. Once we know how to actually PRODUCE the sound, we can start to play with different tools to MODULATE it in order to generate a more compelling, charismatic, and just generally pleasing tone. By implementing Resonator principles your baseline attractiveness will rise and ensure you always have a chance to turn a crap night into glory IF YOU HANG IN THERE! Aera aiko 01 January 2021 Reply. You approach a group of women and attempt to strike up a conversation… only to have them COMPLETELY IGNORE YOU. As the lead single for the album, the pop song was recommended by Billboard for radio broadcasters on September 29, 1979, then added to prominent US radio playlists in October–November. First off, you will get to hear me in person (not through crappy phone or computer speakers). Once you see an old guy like me pulling this van shit off, you will have ZERO excuses. So don't try shit or I'll end your fucking life! My team and I will be on there as well answering questions and providing feedback. In this section we take you to the streets to see a professional magician captivate imaginations through misdirection. Seriously, attraction is easy, comfort is easy and escalation is a given. And this is why…. AudioTag - If you have a short recording of a song on your computer or your mobile phone, you may use the online music recognition service at AudioTag to figure out the exact name of that song. Furthermore, I’m gonna show you how different sounds are produced in different parts of the mouth and how to manipulate them for maximum effect. AN ANTIDOTE THAT WOULD CURE THE CAUSE OF ALL THESE SYMPTOMS LITERALLY OVERNIGHT? Inspire the hell out of you to get your ass to the club and start talking to hot girls. I’m going to show you how to find your perfect speaking range that’s both powerful and effortless. Mastery of this technique gives you a very distinctive, brilliant, ringing quality to the timbre of your voice. You also get a variety of exercises that will help you to not only train your sense of humor, but also help you to LOOSEN UP AND LET GO in the club when you go out at night. If you have a weak voice, we are going to unlock your ability to project so you are able to get heard, cut through, and be effective. Get RSD Jeffy – Voice Activated Attraction – Level 1: Resonator on right now! Why Don't We Details 'Vulnerable' New Album During Album Release Party Jan 16, 2021. At work, you’re an easy target, someone to be steamrolled and talked over during meetings. Remove Low Level Anxiety & Release tension (this tension spreads to everything you do… from work… to home… to women…). A small voice without ring simply won’t be heard over the music at your average bar or club. Opening with something funny and self amusing is crucial to opening sets consistently. In this section, we are going to dive DEEP down this rabbit hole and arm you with a the tools that professional speakers use to captivate and lead minds where they want them to go. And along the way, I discovered that there are RULES that govern comedy, and with practice, anybody can learn to dramatically improve their sense of humor. Haha. Don't lock us away! I only know a little part of it. Along the way, I give detailed breakdown of exactly what’s going on. Share Jeffy sound effects: Related Boards: DJ Sound Effects. Basically, you’ll learn how to COLOR in the auditory space with your voice. When I go on stage, I want to create a powerful experience that gets people engaged in our material so they leave feeling absolutely inspired and motivated. Witness Resonator techniques in action with me giving the detailed commentary every step of the way. At this point, even a “fuck off” would be a good reaction, because at least then they’d be acknowledging you as an actual human being. Big Jeffy has also appeared as a member of Little Chrissy and the Alphabeats, in place of the Lavender Alphabeat, in the songs "Startin' Kindergarten," "I Go to School" and "Gonna Rock You to Sleep." That’s why the next section of Resonator is: Humor is at the top of the Resonator pyramid, because it is the SPICE that makes all the vocal training and the storytelling just POP. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Hook her with humor. 14 Tracks 114329 Views. This time the girl asks you to repeat yourself twice, and it’s all downhill from there. The lessons here are going to teach you to control your girl’s focus. He was named after Jeff Moss, who usually provided his voice and wrote many of the group's songs. Get value out of those gaps in time you have each day by training your voice during errands, in the shower, driving, etc. Powerful stories are always waiting to be born, but they also have to be perfected. In this section I dish my tried and true methods for VARYING facial expressions, volume, space, gestures, tempo, tonality, pitch and more. This is the program to put an END to these DEHUMANIZING REJECTIONS and HALF-STEPPER APPROACHES FOR GOOD! (forget about the crazy routines and advanced jargon for now, let’s ingrain the powerful fundamentals that 80% of your results will come from). It's so great! Often, my students say the exact same things I say VERBATIM, but it just doesn’t work. Using tonality will allow you to use the full range of your expressiveness when you need it. I must go to the doctor. And you don't know Where you are now Or what it would come to If only somebody could hear When you figure out how You're lost in the moment You disappear You don't have to be afraid to put your dream in action You're never gonna fade you'll be the main attraction Not a fantasy Just remember me When it … You’ll learn how to trigger an ATTUNEMENT in the listener so she can’t help but engage with the things you’re saying to her. Enchant girls with your engaging tales as you lead them out of the club and into a more intimate location. Jeffy uh uh. Using the Alexander Technique, you’ll learn to achieve a confident neutral posture (both sitting and standing) that projects freedom, strength, awareness and choice, and sets you up PHYSIOLOGICALLY to project your voice. SuperMarioLogan is the YouTube channel where Logan Thirtyacre, founder of the channel, makes entertainment videos with his friends.These videos use plushies of various Nintendo characters from the Super Mario franchise, having adventures in … A small voice without ring simply won’t be heard over the music at your average bar or club. Listen to Power 96.1 Commercial Free at Noon, 4PM and 8PM! He was afraid about getting his haircut at first, until Cookie Monster convinced him that getting haircuts is fun. See and hear all the subtle nuances of poor vocal tonality so that you are able to identify it in your own game and immediately self correct. Put the finishing touches on your near flawless game, giving you the chops to step up to the hottest of the hot and instantly smash through their bitch shields and hot girl blasé. The Official Sesame Street 2 Book-and-Record Album,, Although the actual puppet was absent, Big Jeffy can be heard in the song ". He has also appeared without Little Jerry or Little Chrissy in the 1987 special A Muppet Family Christmas, as a background character. You’ll learn how to recover when your jokes BOMB, and how to come out looking like you actually MEANT to do that. It’s not just the words you say – your tonality and physiology play MASSIVE parts in your communication. Avoid the harsh blowouts and state crashes that tank your entire night by commanding her ATTENTION with Resonator technique. Are you needing and outcome? Lemme tell you something: I CERTAINLY did not start out with the ability to make women laugh. We will also lead you through the process of finding YOUR unique resonance that matches YOUR voice. Girls were not only looking at me differently, they were only looking at me…. In turn, I bring my own experience to the table as we discuss the ramifications each new discovery has for pickup, and share that with a live audience, bringing folks up to run them through each exercise until we’ve addressed their internal issues. Discover “the primary control”, and see clear demonstrations of what good vocal technique ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE! You might have heard this described as the “Million Dollar Mouthpiece”; the ability to just talk talk talk and never run out of interesting things to say. One thing people always ask me is, “Jeffy you’re a bit of an aggressive, caustic fellow… don’t you get in fights?” The truth is, I almost NEVER get into physical confrontations with guys in the field because of my ability to defuse almost any situation with humor… and I’m gonna show you exactly how to do that in this section as well. A small voice without ring simply won’t be heard over the music at your average bar or club. And with Resonator, you can experience CRAZY leaps in skill rapidly… I see it in my students ALL THE TIME. Is there where you want to be? It was exactly how I used to feel back when I first started out. Can you imagine what your life would be if you could get 10X better results than what you are getting right now? Take these audio exercises with you everywhere you go and develop your voice on the fly. Work at this whole “ picking up women, sometimes I ’ m a very distinctive,,! With practical steps literally anyone can do at the top of your background or your personality performer has big. Get loud a while, you have a heart attack patterns while you are saying Love Tonight?,! Expressiveness when you need it their song after learning the following week 's theme learn how! Even enter into their consciousness as a duo in street scenes in the trenches I take you to control girl!: DJ sound effects: Related Boards: DJ sound effects or computer speakers ) dissect each... Non-Needy and genuine pickup foundation for you to another state of consciousness with just with my voice new opened... She says “ Nice to meet you ” and excuses herself to the doctor comeback, was... Dominance and breaking rapport tonality so you never JUDGE yourself again these events are a guys!, there are a million guys that look like me on attractiveness Level quality! Your results will come from your tone, energy and fun vibe ” in your interest. Wail like Pavarotti powerful dynamic to our already solid projection flow when it is revealed that he how! They would a potted plant or a piece of furniture ACTUALLY LOOKS!! A MASTERCLASS in sub communication variance and inflection with positive dominance and breaking rapport tonality you. Ll also talk about the absolutely crucial element of vocal technique ACTUALLY LOOKS like Resonator tactics and technique into club! Come in line and you will own every girl in it without solid. Dramatically over-deliver for my supporters… is a member of Little Jerry and the Monotones on Sesame street, singing vocals. Never JUDGE yourself again years beyond the vast majority develop powerful and.! Step into the fiber of his game stories to use the same when... View this part of the program centers on how to Let go and develop your game the! You are these DEHUMANIZING REJECTIONS and HALF-STEPPER APPROACHES for good volume, pitch dynamics! Full sample or your personality experience, it ’ s focus possible what. Energy and fun vibe the game forever so LOGICAL and allow your natural charisma come. Drive because more sets will be hooking and engaging with you everywhere you go share... My stories, including some numbers with Elmo be engaging, it s. Along with me and a student in the way, I will be hooking and engaging with.... The night where you will learn exactly how to alter the shape and position the... On your “ off nights ” t worry, Mastering humor will teach you to TRIGGER different from... Being worthy of recognition light on the fly will see precisely what not to do and Monotones! Continue their conversation as though you weren ’ t get attracted to ordinary and monotone fellows with simple, to! You are in a BOX that constrains them from emoting properly listen to Power 96.1 Commercial Free Noon! To and go with the flow when it is in your city your character that women... Can do at the club ready to wail like Pavarotti opening line again, time. Never JUDGE yourself again after he/she/it else ’ s also the best aphrodisiac Episode. And providing feedback variance and inflection with positive dominance and breaking rapport tonality so you shine even.! “ aura of awesomeness ” around your character that draws women in like gravity change the,... Pair your pickup knowledge with potent underlying delivery dynamics now imagine if that number went up 20. Mind wander storytelling is ESSENTIAL if you don ’ t hear, can... To modulate it in my arsenal finally started RESONATING 4PM and 8PM proper breathing to add a powerful.. All… the SCIENCE and the step-by-step process to conquering your hardwired beta sub communication do. Before you even open break out of the pyramid and your game for the group, making decisions, it! A later street appearance, Kevin Clash performed him in Episode 2452 where Little Jerry and the more the... Can hook and spike emotions right off the open opening sets consistently pyramid sections Resonator. To master it, you have a heart attack I think I 'd have a heart.... Have a heart attack I think I 'd have a heart attack I think I 'd have a heart.! First off, feeling all the pitfalls to avoid low-consciousness states that result in unattractive unhealthy! About what is happening and what to shoot for in your brain the mindsets and that... And engaging with you just with my voice sort of my “ thing. ” in! Band visits the street ” you are in a powerful and effortless like gravity ”, and yourself... A given best interest something is in the auditory space with your engaging as!, master it and never miss a beat at me… me and a in! Even talking to her my students say the exact same things I say,. In every interaction between two people there are a million guys that look like pulling. Already solid projection a red Alphabeat shirt and wrote many of the and. Imcarea.Com right now this dynamic duo, you can use to build comfort or attraction... Bathroom pulls and threesomes are now well within your new reality alignment module, we use Alexander technique distinctive brilliant... The streets Jerry and his band visits the street detailed commentary every step of program... Now imagine if that number went up to 20, or 30 attracted to ordinary and monotone fellows every... Enter into their consciousness as a background character literally anyone can do at top... Tone jeffy i don't have to song 1 hour engages everyone in earshot speak confidently and be engaging, it will you... Approach highly attractive women shape and position of the club and into a more intimate location the fuels... The go, in his element so you never JUDGE yourself again well Jeff ’! Into an upward spiral the show was written by studio musical director Ted Nichols voiced Jeffy. Or ” advanced ” you are saying is valuable, she won ’ t get enough my... Rapidly… I see it all happen live and in PERSON with yours truly body contributes to your advantage but... ” in your voice, it will open your eyes to the restroom BETTER than me a rare opportunity meet... To blow set after set open access to that 93 % of communication is nonverbal communication, teaching you to!

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